PURUS® Drip Oil 22 is an anti-wear fluid designed for use as an intermittent drip-type lubricant in irrigation, conveyor and industrial lubricating systems.

Look to the PURUS® Heat Transfer fluids to provide your freeze and burst protection for pipes, various ice making, deicing, defrosting and dehumidifying applications.

PURUS® Cotton Picker Spindle Grease is a lithium soap product specifically designed for use as a cotton picker spindle lubricant for applications calling for JDN-360, JDN-305 and IH-B-27

The Cotton Picker Spindle Cleaner is a concentrate containing emulsifiers that form oil-in-water type emulsions, as well as other additive materials that provide rust protection, minimize tendency to foam and effectively emulsify with hard water and inhibit bacterial growth.

PURUS® Paper Machine Oils are superior quality, multi-functional lubricants designed for the temperatures, high steam pressures, small sumps, and machine speeds and other adverse conditions found in high-output paper machines employed by full scale paper milling operations.