PURUS® Heavy Duty Tri-Fuel Option Synthetic Blend Engine Oils are formulated with revolutionary “Triple-Fuel Option” technology to assure performance in a variety of applications including diesel, natural gas, or gasoline powered vehicles in both on and off highway applications. Available in Synthetic Blend SAE 15W-40 and Synthetic Blend SAE 10W-30, these oils are designed to provide enhanced protection against oil oxidation, viscosity loss due to shear, and oil aeration. Also provides protection against catalyst poisoning, particulate filter blocking, engine wear, piston deposits, degradation of low and high temperature properties, and soot-related viscosity increase.



PURUS® Diesel Engine Oil represent the highest level of engine protection and performance. It is formulated to provide improved wear protection and fuel economy, reduce deposits and oil consumption control, soot-related viscosity control, prevention of viscosity loss, and provides excellent protection from thermal and oxidative breakdown. See product sheet for specific OE approvals, recommendations and performance benefits.